11 Things Men Find Ridiculously Sexy…

Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest effect on us, and while most of us are aware of the things we like (and don’t), here are 11 things that you probably didn’t know men find ridiculously sexy…

1. The Messy Bun

That moment right after a girl gets out of bed, just before she steps into the shower and ties her hair up into a messy bun is very stimulating for most men. Dolled up from head to toe is exciting and without a doubt sexy as hell, but nothing beats the feeling a man gets when his girl is comfortable enough around him to strut her messiest bun.

2. Sweat

Wait. What? Yes, you read that right. Sweat can be quite the aphrodisiac which is no wonder why men are turned on by it. Not only is the glow and physicality aspect of working out appealing to a man, but science shows that sweat can trigger significant hormonal responses… which is why most men actually find it sexy.

3. Subtle Stretches

Since most stretching happens in the comfort of our beds, subtle stretching can easily induce feelings of excitement. Maybe it’s the minimal clothing, the feeling of complete relaxation or the look of deep satisfaction and comfort after a good stretch, but those subtle movements are actually quite sexy… and endearing.

4. Curves

While everyone has their own type, the general consensus these days is that men actually prefer women with curves, but importantly, they prefer women who embrace their curves, whatever or wherever they may be. So own it. He loves the confidence.

5. Independence

Relationships require team effort but being independent and maintaining individuality is actually very sexy, especially in modern age – men love a woman who is not afraid to be… a little bossy.

6. No Makeup

Natural beauty is overrated. NO WAY. The barefaced look shows a man that his woman is comfortable enough in her own skin (and around him) to reveal her truest self and there is nothing sexier then that. Period.

7. The Gym / Sporty Look

Yoga pants. Sneakers. A tank top. SWEAT. Aside from the revealing aspects of gym clothes, men love a woman who makes an effort to be physically fit.

8. A Healthy Appetite

The way to a man’s heart is food! Although staying healthy is attractive, men love a woman who isn’t afraid to indulge. After all, food is love and couples who eat together are sure to share many beautiful moments together.

9. Being Real

Fake smiles are no fun… to anyone, but especially men. There is something inherently sexy about a woman who isn’t afraid to get angry (here and there). Anger translates to passion and passion means one cares… and this is actually very appealing to most men.

10. Small / Real Breasts

Small doesn’t mean bad. Men love all breasts whether small or large, but most admit they prefer real ones because it’s natural and these days especially, natural is everything.

11. The After Shower Look

That moment you step out of the shower or bath with nothing but your towel on is driving your man’s hormones CRAZY. It could be the lack of clothes, the smell of your favourite body wash or the fact that he wants to dirty you up again, but the point is, this moment is very, very stimulating for most men.


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