Quote of the Day

  • Sensitive People

    “Sensitive people suffer more, but they love more and dream more.”

  • Learn to be alone

    “Learn to be alone and to LIKE it.  There is nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like...

  • Be careful

    Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to.  Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.

  • Solve all your problems

    Don’t look for someone who will solve all your problems.  Look for someone who won’t let you face them...

  • Keep going

    Keep going.  Everything comes to you at the perfect time.

  • My life isn’t perfect

    My life isn’t perfect, but I am grateful for everyone and everything I do have.

  • You just have to care

    To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect.  You just...

  • They are not your friends

    They are not your friends, until they have defended you in your absence.

  • I am at peace

    At the end of the day, I am at peace because my intentions are good and my heart is...

  • “I Like You” vs “I Love You”

    What is the difference between “I Like You” and “I Love You”?  Beautifully answered by Buddha.  Buddha’s answer was...